Leather Promotional Product Gifts for Board Members

Keeping your board members happy is crucial for any organization. Like many aspects of business, the key here is relationship building. Make your board members feel like valued partners and collaborators, and you’ll find working together becomes easier than you’ve ever dreamed.

Leather accessories make the perfect board gifts because they’ll help your board members feel respected. Everyone knows leather is a luxurious and high-end material. Leather is also durable and long-lasting, so this token of appreciation will be in your board member’s life for years to come. As an especially thoughtful touch, Corium products can be monogrammed with each board member’s initials. A personalized gift shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile.

1. Dopp Kit

The Corium dopp kit is a versatile item that will make any board member feel special. Its most common use is as a travel toiletry bag, but this roomy dopp kit can be used as an accessory for any number of hobbies. Board members can use our leather dopp bag to store makeup, art supplies, pencils, and more. A tip from us: try including a note that references the board member’s specific hobby so the gift feels personal!

2. Wine Bottle Carrier

When in doubt, this classy wine bottle carrier is the way to go. Everyone loves fine wine, and this gorgeous accessory will make transporting wine bottles effortless and safe. The gorgeous pebbled leather we use on this wine bottle carrier will attract admirers at any function, and who doesn’t want to be a trendsetter?

3. Card Holder Wallet

Since we work with many forward-thinking business professionals, we design our products with an eye towards making their lives easier. Our Corium card holder wallet is the perfect size for the business cards your board members collect. The slim, minimalist style makes it easy to store as well!

4. Matching Desk Pad and Mouse Pad

Speaking of the needs of busy professionals, working from home is the new normal. That means business people everywhere are setting up classy, modern home offices where they can feel focused and get work done. Gift a matching mouse pad and desk pad set to help with that effort!

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