Live Stamping

Live monogramming promotional products

Are your clients looking for an interactive, unique, and engaging live experience? Corium is now offering live stamping events in the USA. Our team will travel to your event, set up our debossing equipment and offer live, on demand personalization of our leather goods and accessories. There is nothing like it. 

From our press release:

In an exciting new offering for the promotional industry, Corium is proud to announce the launch of its live stamping events across the United States. This innovative service features on-site monogramming of premium leather goods and accessories, perfect for corporate events, trade shows, and exclusive gatherings.


Corium’s expert team will travel to any location within the USA, bringing with them all the necessary high-end equipment to provide a unique, personalized experience. Attendees can watch as their chosen leather goods are transformed into bespoke pieces through the art of monogramming, adding a touch of personal elegance and sophistication.


“Our live stamping events are designed to offer a tactile and memorable experience, enhancing the intrinsic value of premium products through personalization,” said Allen Clawson, Director of Sales for Corium. “We are thrilled to provide a service that not only elevates products but also engages and excites audiences across all types of corporate and promotional events.”


These live events are perfect for enhancing brand visibility and consumer engagement. Each piece stamped at the event serves as a lasting reminder of the experience, carrying the brand’s message in a sophisticated and personalized way.


For more information on how to book a live stamping event with Corium, or to learn more about 

the range of products suitable for monogramming, please contact us.



Corium Live Stamping Events