Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement

Corium – Sustainability/Eco-Statement

At Corium, we are a trusted source for high quality leather goods made in the USA.  

We value honest manufacturing, here are the ways that we do this:

  • Sourcing and Manufacturing

    • We source our leather from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group and made from American cattle.

    • Our canvas is 100% cotton, dyed and treated with a non-hazardous water resistant finish, and distributed from the United States.  

    • Most of our small leather goods, like our keychains, are made from the offcuts of leather that are normally thrown away.  We got our start by taking unwanted remnants and converting them into useful, beautiful, and durable products, and we continue this practice today.  

    • We take pride in our local supply chain:  much of our leather comes from midwestern cows, tanned at a local tannery, and our products are made and shipped from our factory in Minneapolis.

    • Our factory is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and we use and maintain vintage machinery.

  • Social Responsibility

    • We offer a safe, clean, and inclusive workplace, fair wages, and 401K savings options to our team members.

    • We use as much of a leather hide as possible, yet we still accumulate leather remnants which we donate to local schools and arts organizations.  

      • In 2022, we donated 966.8 pounds of materials that would otherwise become landfill waste.  

  • Continuous Improvement

    • We are focused on increasing our supply chain traceability and transparency. 

    • We value education and challenging ourselves to learn and grow. 

    • We believe that caring for your leather goods will ensure their useful life can extend beyond traditional promotional gifts. 

Reach out to us if you have any questions or if you would like to be a recipient of our leather remnant donation program!